Why I wanted to become a Certified Nutritionist

My health and fitness journey started probably like anyone else’s. I wanted to learn to eat healthier, burn calories, and be “fit”. What I didn’t know early on was that “fit” looks different on everyone and health is a whole lot more complicated than I gave it credit for. Calories in calories out right? Not quite. Eventually I ended up becoming obsessed about calorie counting and would punish myself through exercise for what I ate. “Gotta burn off those Oreos” or “I’m going out tonight I gotta EARN it” The older me now is sad for how much I didn’t know and the downward spiral I took with obsessing over numbers. I feel like in high school we should have a REAL life 101. My parents tried to teach us the best they could about real life shit, but most came from failing, dusting ourselves off and trying again. I’m a firm believer that everything happens the way it’s meant to, and I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for those failures, however, it probably would have been helpful to at least have an idea of a direction to go in. 

Anyway, after years of pounding away time on the elliptical and crunching away trying to obtain abs, I was introduced to Crossfit. And Crossfit was ALOT different than just pounding away on the good old cardio machine. I’ll never forget the first time I was handed a barbell, by the way it was a mens bar which is 45lbs and I couldn’t lift it. Like ok at the time I never thought about being “strong” I just wanted to be “toned” at least it’s what I thought I wanted. But I was so malnourished and never did any form of weight training that 45lbs I couldn’t do a thing with. To put things into perspective I was eating around 1100 calories a day MAYBE and that’s ONLY if I did my hour of cardio to earn it. I’m cringing even as I write this. That day inspired me and I wanted more. I looked to other obviously strong women for guidance and started doing my own research about nutrition. I soon had to face a hard fact that in order to get strong I had to eat more, which terrified me. I pushed through and jumped right up on that Paleo bandwagon. Ok, so Paleo taught me about whole foods and where they come from, as well as, what’s IN them. It taught me more about processed foods and the effects of consuming too much on the body. Paleo was also super restrictive and caused me to binge on weekends or for my “cheat meal” which wasn’t really a meal as it was a whole day. I started focusing more on just simply eating “clean”, which now that I have more knowledge on the topic I’m trying to get away from labeling any food as “bad” or “good” and I’ll get better as my blog progresses. My body weight changed over the years depending on what my focus was. At one point I had switched my focus from Crossfit to Olympic Weightlifting but never changed how I ate. Let me first point out that I probably never actually ate enough to support Crossfit, so when I had less cardio intensity and never changed my food habits of course I gained weight. In hindsight I do think this was a good thing for me and my hormones that I royalty F*ed up while eating at such a deficit early on. Throughout all this time I continued to try to learn as much as I could, again it was ever evolving and opinions were at every corner. 

I’ve always loved to cook and experiment with new ingredients. I follow many food bloggers and grab inspiration from them often. But there is so much out there on the internet and most are very confusing, or recipes that take a million ingredients! Preparing meals for yourself or your family shouldn’t be hard, or require a shit load of ingredients you can barely pronounce. Our health shouldn’t be complicated either and I want to help simplify it. We have too much life to live and I want to help you live it.  I struggled alot throughout my journey and if I’m being completely honest, I still do on some days. It was a long journey and I wish I had hired a nutritionist or coach to help guide me through it all.



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  1. I loved your post, Paleo, came into my life through crossfit too, but because of a health problem I had to eat less protein which all in all confused me. Now I try to make every meal look like a rainbow and include some vital vitamins and oils.


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